I'm 23, I currently reside in New Orleans, Louisiana and I am more than proud to call this incredible city home. I was born into a great big Italian family, with a little cajun on the side, and I swear I carry all that good food on me. I attended SELU for 2 years for graphic design, but decided to leave to pursue a freer lifestyle. However, I am grateful for the things I learned while I was there because they still help me to this day! I grew up with my nose stuck in a book (probably Harry Potter), or outside in the sun. I am forever doing my best to travel as often as I can and experience all the goodness this land has to offer, as I find most of inspiration in the wild. My passion is found in environmental conservation, using my voice to bring awareness to mental health, and using my photography to tell the stories of this world. My relationship with Jesus is above all things and my passion to tell stories stems from it. While I absolutely adore portrait and wedding photography... I hope, one day, to put my photography business on hold, and spend some time as a missionary photographer documenting the work of evangelists around the world. I actually have a personal blog where I share my heart and personal photography work that aims to lift up and celebrate. If you'd like to visit it, click here!

Speaking of... let's talk about photography. 




My photography career began very unexpectedly. A close friend of mine was preparing to head out on her mission trip, and in the process of shopping for supplies, she suggested that I buy a camera with her because "you're always taking pictures anyway." Well, needless to say, I bought my first camera and I fell wildly in love with capturing those around me and capturing the world as I see it. It has become a vessel for me to celebrate others, build community, and see myself grow in new ways. It has truly been the most rewarding and fulfilling path I've taken. My goal through photography is to love and uplift others, and help you celebrate your special days for years to come. This journey has been the best adventure and I hope you'll join me!

Though I brand myself primarily as a portrait  and wedding photographer, I am also available to do product, engagement, and family photos. I would love to help you in any of these areas. Helping you to tell your story is such an honor and I'm blessed to do it. So, if you're interested,  Get In Touch with me and we can dream and capture these moments together.

I can't wait to work with you.